What to do if your site got hacked?

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It was discovered that my website had been hacked. So, what should I do now?

A hacked website is inconvenient for both your business and your visitors, and eradicating a hack can take a long time. Let’s look at the quickest and most straightforward technique to fix your website.

Let’s look for any red flags.

There’s an issue if you’ve read “This site contains malware” or “The site ahead contains hazardous applications” in relation to your site. Go to https://sitecheck.sucuri.net and type in your domain name to find out more.

  • You’ll see a notification here if your website has been hacked.
  • What, no forewarning? It’s less likely that your website has been hacked, but it’s still conceivable.

Your passwords should be changed.

If your website has been hacked, you must change all of your passwords right away.

Recover data from a backup

You should re-upload a backup of your website (and database) to your hosting account if you know it wasn’t corrupted.

You may easily do this for your cPanel or Plesk account if you have Website Backup.

If you don’t have a backup tool, we recommend adding Website Backup to your account after you’ve resolved the problem.

Remove the Hack.

It’s nearly impossible to remove spyware from a website reliably by hand. We propose using a service like a Website Security to remove the compromise from your files.

Identify and correct the flaw

To prevent your site from being hacked again, you should figure out how it was hacked in the first place. Passwords and structural issues are the two forms of flaws.


The majority of hacks occur because the attacker was able to brute force your account’s password. You can keep these assaults from succeeding in the future by simply changing your password (and using a stronger one this time).


To find these kinds of flaws, extensive testing is required. There is a variety of security software that can do these types of checks, however Express Malware Removal is our recommendation. It is capable of detecting and resolving a variety of problems.

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